6b. Why was Harriet not carrying a gun?

A lot of people ask me why I didn't have her holding a gun, that's a very frequent question because I think a lot of black people feel a certain amount of pride in the fact that she. . . this was a tough woman, she carried a gun. But my dilemma, especially at the time with all the inner city violence and the fascination with weapons that a lot of kids seemed to have, as a teacher and as a mother, I didn't want to glorify the gun. And I felt that Harriet's power was not in any gun. She had narcolepsy. She fell asleep often enough for anyone to take the gun and turn things around. Her power was from the bible. She was an intensely religious woman, member of the AME church. She gave all her money to the AME church when she died and she believed in God so strongly that everything she did was directed from God. So the gun, yeah she had it, and it was important. If she had needed it she would have used it. She never did use it, she didn't kill anybody. So that's why I put the bible in her hand instead of the gun. People followed her because they loved her and they trusted her, not because they were afraid of her.