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1. Tell me about your background and how you became interested in art. Why did you choose sculpture?

2. What influenced you during your formative years?

3. Were there specific people from art history that influenced your work?

4. Did you focus mainly on Black artists for influence?

5a. Maybe you could talk about your commissioned work and your personal work? Do you work differently when doing one or the other?

5b. The Harriet Tubman memorial Step On Board, the dream commission

6a. Did you feel pressure in representing such a great historical figure?

6b. Why was Harriet not carrying a gun?

7a. Tell me about your interest in Africa and your works depicting African types?

7b. Specific works depicting Africans?

8. As a sculptor there must be financial constraints that you face due to the expenses associated with the materials. How has this affected your work?

9. Tell me about this piece of the teenage boy?

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